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و رؤيتها تدريب 1000 شاب على المهارات القيادية و الإدارية سنويا لمدة عشرة سنوات لاستلام مراكز قيادية في عملية تنمية المجتمعات و المؤسسات الأكاديمية حاصلة على اعتماد هيئة البورد الاميركي

الأكاديمية العلمية للتنمية البشرية
Scientific Academy for Human Development

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Scientific Academy for Human Development

The Academy aims in developing the young energies and preparing them scientifically and professionally, spreading science and knowledge as in developing their leadership abilities for achieving the excellence in the societies


vision is to train 1000 young people on leadership and administrative skills annually for ten years to get leadership positions in the process of developing communities and institutions

The trainers in the Scientific Academy and its contractors are entitled to give the international certificates accredited by:

The Scientific Academy for Human Development

The American Board

The Canadian Organization of the Professional Education

The American Canadian Board

The Canadian International Center

The German Academy Ryan Berg

Dr. Ibrahim El Feki Center Montreal

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The idea of the Scientific Academy for Human Development arose in Turkey-Antakya governorate at the beginning then moved to the frontier governorate Kilis through a study prepared by a group of elite trainers of the human development, headed by the doctor Rami Adnan Hindi Hindi the Chairman the of Board of Directors . And through the study of the Syrian reality and comparing it with the international experiments and renewal the professional training system followed in Germany and Denmark , they found that the development of the young Syrians' energy is the shortest way for the renaissance of Syria and the Arab countries again after some institutions distort this science , to become stronger and better than it was before by God willing . Through a generous initiative from the Dr. Rami Adnan Hindi , group of trainers and a group of young volunteers a number sections of the Academy were opened in a number of Turkish governorates

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